Learn to Run 5 km

This group is for for people who wish to start at the beginning. Whether you’re someone who has always wanted to find joy in running, but never quite got the hang of it, or are hoping to use running to as a way to complement a healthy lifestyle change, everyone is welcome! We start with the basics with 1 minute of running, and 1 minute of walking.  Over the course of the program your distance will gradually increase to to a total of 5 km.  We meet at the store every Tuesday at 6 pm.
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Learn to Run 10 km

This group is for anyone who can run 5 km, and would like to make the jump to a distance of 10 km. Perhaps you are someone who has completed our Learn to Run 5km program, or have recently participated in a 5 km event and can’t wait to do more, or maybe you’re tired of running on your own and wish to join in the camaraderie of a group! This program begins with repeats of 5 minutes of running to 1 minute of walking and builds from there.  We meet at the store every Tuesday at 6pm.
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Run Faster Run Stronger

This program is designed for athletes who wish to increase their speed, and improve their running form. The workouts provided are designed as track workouts, and include a dynamic warm-up and running drills.  Participants are split into two groups, based on running experience.  We meet at the store every Tuesday at 6pm.
An example workout is 400m x 10 reps, or 400m/800m/1km/800m/400m
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Trail Clinics

If you are new to trail running, would like to experience some new trails, learn some trail running techniques, and run with some like-minded folks, then this group is for you!  We’re always finding the fun in our run as we explore various trails throughout the valley!
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Walking Clinic

This is a 10week walking program with a gradual build to distance. We will vary speed during the walk. This clinic includes a shirt, program, and mini health seminars given by Heritage Chiropractic. Held Tuesday nights at 6pm. Starts on September 11.
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How to find the FUN in your run


Contact us and join one of our run groups!  We’d love to meet you, and so would our wonderful group members.


Our groups will challenge the seasoned athlete, and guide the first timer. We’ll teach you the correct technique, provide you with workouts, and give you the opportunity, and supportive group atmosphere through which to practice, and improve.


Whether you are a soloist, or find your jive being active with friends, running has now become a place for you to be free.  It’s pure, it’s liberating, sometimes hard, sometimes easy….either way, you’ve finally found the

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